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Be My Guest (BMG) is a young and dynamic company based in Limassol specialising in managing property for clients living locally and abroad.

Our main focus is on short term rentals which require more time and attention, however provide property owners better security and annual yield from their investment.

Our portfolio not only consists of properties for our clients, but also of our own, therefore as owners we understand the property market from both perspectives.

​Mario Ierokipidis

(Managing Director)

Mario was born in Cyprus and moved to England in 1974 with his family. He grew up in London and studied Travel & Tourism and worked in the industry for several years until he later moved back to Cyprus where he continued in travel. 

He went on to successfully begin his own company organising events and corporate functions until deciding to sell and move back to the UK for a few years with his family to work in the property and renovation industry.

In 2009 Mario decided to return to Cyprus where he worked in shipping for several years. Using his experience in property renovation, hospitality and being an owner of several properties he felt it was time to combine it all and embark on launching his own company managing properties in Limassol for himself and other clients.

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